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February 7, 2018

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3 C's for Social Media

December 13, 2017

What makes a social media page a quality social media page? Some will say it's the number of followers and 'Likes' on the page. However, this is a huge misconception when it comes to evaluating what a good example of a quality page really is. Sure, any brand should have a goal of building their following to reach as many customers as possible. The truth is I have seen dozens of pages with thousands of followers but their content is struggling! Social Media can be a place where brands start like rapid fire and can even go viral with the result of a huge following. As time goes on they lose momentum and although they still have their audience, they slip on quality of content. Maybe this is your company, or maybe you’re just looking to level up in your social media game!


The best way for me to explain to brands what makes a good example of a social media page is to take a look at the 3 C's! This is my elevator pitch to success for companies who just need some tips on how to make their page compelling, capture their audience and be able to maintain valuable content creation.


C #1- Curate


Plan, plan, plan! Like any type of content creation, the first step should be a well thought out plan of attack for how you want to deliver your message. The first mistake companies can do on their social media is not have a planned strategy behind it and post randomly on their page. The best solution is to create 1) a strategy plan (more on this later) and 2) a social media calendar that lays out your scheduled posts. This way you can see the content in a bigger picture and make sure you are hitting all the hot points you want to accomplish on your page. I personally create a month worth of content in a calendar format for my clients that allow us to see what type of content we will be posting to ensure the following two C's. We can always fill in spots or re-arrange posts if needed, but having a set plan in place allows me to generate well thought out content. You wouldn't commit to going to a special occasion or event without checking your personal calendar first right? (OK maybe some people do that, clearly not me!)


C #2- Creativity


This buzz word is so overused, but for good reason! With so much competition on social media your page must stand out to build your following and brand recognition.  Creativity on social media can come in many forms and completely new and original ideas are hard to come by. But that's OK! You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Track trends and popular content styles from high visibility companies and apply it to your social media in a way that fits your branding! One of my most important things to follow when creating posts for social media is to give the content personality. Through an effective image or caption, you can transform a boring post into something engaging that will have your followers like, comment, interact or share your post!


C #3- Consistency


Ah, my absolute favorite C! Consistency IS key and that's the truth. If you look at the profile of any successful social media page you can see there is consistency in style, look, feel, frequency and tone. All of these elements come together to support a brand and boost their audience online. The best way to make sure your social media is consistent is to have a strategy plan built out that outlines every aspect of your digital marketing. How often will you post and on what platforms? How will you be generating photography and images? Do you have a color palette and tone of voice for your pages? ALL of these are important to identify so you can follow them when drafting your posts.


There are definitely a whole bunch of other C's I can think of that can build a successful social media page (concise, conscious, controlled) but three seems like a good number to always keep in mind for your page! All of these C's and many more elements to achieve a thriving social media page are all outlined in my strategic social media plans I provide to my clients. These plans are comprehensive and lay out a road map for everything that's needed to grow your online presence. Looking for a strategy for your social? Let's chat!


As always,



The Social Butterfly

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