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February 7, 2018

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Does your business need social media?

November 30, 2017

Short and simple…yes, yes it does!


Social media is an integral part of our media culture today, and it isn’t going anywhere soon. Businesses owners need to be present on respective social media platforms to align with their competition and reach customers. However, today there are still many companies who don’t invest in their social media for a variety of reasons. From my experience with small businesses, I have compiled my top 5 reasons why brands are held back from reaching thousands of consumers that directly relate to your product or service.


Let’s go through these briefly with an explanation of why having a dedicated social media manager will allow you to thrive on social media or growing their business online. There are many reasons why social media is put on the back burner for companies as marketing in general can at times seems like the last step in the puzzle or may not be the #1 priority. However, social media marketing should be looked at as a major component in how to expand your audience.


1. “I don’t know how to use some social media platforms.”


If you don’t know how to use certain social media platforms. That is OK! Each platform serves a different purpose and brands should utilize them differently. Having a manager that is well versed in social media will allow your brand to be positioned correctly!


2.“I don’t want to look at social media myself, but I know my business needs to be there.”


Some people prefer to ignore social media on a personal level. Again, that’s OK! A personal social media account is very different from a business page. On a personal page you are normally sharing content with friends and family based on your experiences. A business page is meant to attract consumers on their personal pages to your company.


3. “I’m too busy to manage my social media and expand my business brand online.”


Maybe your business isn’t active on social media because of the commitment. Managing social media for your business can take a lot of time and planning. In order for a successful social media following you have to be consistent and creative. Also, the best pages are done by planning out posts weeks ahead of time in order to provide variety and regular messaging.


4. “One of my employees can handle my business page for me.”


This is a very popular comment from small businesses. Employees and managers that serve many different roles in a company are given the responsibility to manage social media for the brand. This can sometimes not be the best solution because other priority tasks may take president over social media, and that makes sense if that’s not their job title. Social media should be taken seriously and have strategy behind it, not just posting randomly without a plan.


5. “Just having a Facebook page is good enough to reach my customer demographic.”


As I mentioned, each platform serves a different purpose.(take a look at Blog Post #1 on Social Media 101 to find out more about each platform). As social media has been a media form for decades now, different demographics appeal to different platforms. Some platforms have more of an older audience, some is more prevalent to female or male users. Only having a Facebook page can be excluding your target market or giving your competitors a leg up if they are participating in additional platforms.


There are a lot of excuses as to why companies today are not maximizing their potential customer reach through social media. Do any of these statements sound familiar to you? Maybe you yourself say these things regarding your company’s social media. Drop me an email and let’s chat about a real strategy behind your social media and the potential you may be missing out on!


As always,



The Social Butterfly

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