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February 7, 2018

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8 Elements of your Social Media Strategy

January 10, 2018

Before I jump into the top components of a social media strategy, I think it’s important to define what a social media strategy plan exactly is. A social media strategy plan is a living, breathing document that lays out the digital marketing initiatives in place for your company. The social strategies will align with your business goals and will be a plan of action for company growth through marketing activities. This plan can be revised monthly, quarterly or even annually, but should be looked at often to ensure you’re on the right track for the marketing road map you and your team have agreed on.


It’s also very important to highlight that every social media plan is completely customized. Depending on the industry, size, and lifetime of a company, the social media strategy plan will be completely unique to that business. However, in my experience, these are the top 8 elements every social media strategy plan should include:


Audit of the current landscape

It’s important to have a benchmark of your current standing on social media. Take an analysis of what your company is currently doing on social media. What platforms are you using? How many followers do your pages have? How and how often are you creating content? Who is managing and posting on your pages? This will be extremely helpful further down the line when we want to compare new strategies and track growth.


Branding elements

Go back to the basics of your business. Write down your mission, values, slogans, company roles and any general business information. This will be helpful when aligning your strategies or providing any company information in your social media content. Next, provide your logo, color palette, voice, and tone. Think of your company as a person, how would you describe their personality? This personality should shine through on all of your social platforms.


Outline of goals and measurable objectives

This is the backbone of your social media strategy. Goals should be broad, realistic and achievable in a set amount of time. Some common social media goals could be to increase brand awareness, improve ROI and sales conversions, create a loyal fan-base etc. On the other hand, your objectives should be specific and measurable with exact numbers you can track within a shorter amount of time. Some examples of objectives would be to grow your following by 15% every month, or to post once a day on three platforms. By setting goals and objectives, it's easier to measure success or failure.


Breakdown of creative tactics

Tactics are the meat of your plan and it’s where you’ll need to put on your creative pants! This will lay out what exactly you will be doing to achieve the goals and objectives you just completed. It should be very detailed and include current social media trends and proven strategies. This is where you’ll most likely need a social media professional to assist in creating unique methods that will set your company apart from your competition.


Platform strategies

These strategies will be more specific to each platform your company will be present on. Write out how many times you’ll be posting on each page, the length and style of the content, images and copy strategy. Make sure to include any community management notes about how you plan on growing the following on each page, and who and how you will respond to any comments or complaints on your pages.


Company responsibilities

This is all about the WHO. Who exactly will be creating your content, whether it be your images, video, copy writing or graphics. Next, define who will be posting on your pages. Do you have an in-house marketing position or intern posting on the pages and will you be using any scheduling tools to assist in this process? Lastly, who will be managing the pages to ensure voice and consistency are present and any issues, comments and complaints are being responded to in a timely manner. This should typically be a marketing professional or agency that has brand experience and customer service skills.


Results and analytics

It’s very important to track the performance of your social media strategies to monitor results and improve items that may not be working. Many platforms have their own analytic tracking built in and can provide basic growth and engagement reporting. Marketing professionals such as myself use more complex tools that provide a substantial amount of information that will let me know when a strategy may not be useful and should be reconsidered, thus making any adjustments to the plan!


All in all, having a social media plan in place for your business is crucial for online success! Lookout for the next blog post that will outline WHY your business needs this important document.


If you’re looking for assistance in your social media plan, The Social Butterfly has your back! I offer comprehensive social media strategy plans for businesses of every size and shape. The plan you will receive is a complete blueprint designed to guide your business through the latest and greatest social media strategies, best practices, and creative planning. Custom to your business and marketing goals, the plan is a road map for success for your business to thrive on social media. Plus, I provide face-to-face (in-person or via Skype) overview of your plan and team training to implement the initiatives. You’ll be ready for savvy social media practices in no time!


Ready for your social media planning to be organized, defined and set up for success? Reach out today to get started!


As always,



The Social Butterfly

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